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Seasons' Love - Flash fiction

The swirling fog hugs the mud, hiding new spring flowers. Brilliant spots of yellow shine through, but I am looking for the slinking purple. Whether it’s the last snow or misting rain, the dark petals try to stay out of sight to all but the busiest bees.

One petal is all I need, all the spell dictates. Kneeling to pluck it with care, I place it upon my tongue, before venturing on to the fairy ring that revealed itself this morning. The toadstools are younger than even the crocuses. Stepping with care, I move to stand in its center.

I haven’t reached the count of ten before she appears. Azalea, with her eyes that are even darker than the winter weathered evergreens. I focus on those beautiful eyes as she raises a steady brow.

“I am surprised to see you again.”

“But not unhappy?” I dare to hope.

“Human attention does not always last a season,” she says, but there is a smile upon her lips.

“You must be thinking of human men,” I chuckle.

“I wouldn’t know,” she hovers closer, her mythic wings pulling me to her.

“Neither would I.”


A Harvest of the Stars - Flash Fiction

The sunset couldn’t compete with the color of the trees. A breath of autumn air came through the forest on the edge of the field, smelling like goldenrod and new beginnings. Were there seasons like this one on other worlds?

Sometimes it takes a fall to find where one needs to be. Amanda thought that might explain why she always felt more hope when the weather turned cold, compared with the spring. There were so many possibilities waiting. All she had to do was reach out her hand and harvest.

The stars grew bright like fresh apples. They were old friends spied from her childhood telescope, dreaming of other planets. Amanda turned now, confident that it was time. Mounting the ladder, she climbed into the spaceship of her own design and making.

She was ready to collect the stars.